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It is very important to Austrtalian Lions Visual Independence that we deliver technology that is functional, easy to use, of great benefit and affordable. Below are some comments from users.

The ID Mate Barcode Reader has given me the technology and confidence to dose and accurately mange my own medications. It reads the name and the dose from the manufacturer and the recording function allows me to record any special instructions provided by my doctors.

The ID Mate Bar code reader has allowed me to take control of an extremely important component of my everyday life, which previously was the responsibility of others. ALVIF has provided me an opportunity to enhance the quality of my life, through the grants program and for that I will always be grateful.  Daniel from Nova Gardens, SA


Thank you for giving my husband back his independence. Now he can do things for himself, where as before he had to ask me to do, or to get things for him. I haven't seen Gordon so happy in a long while. Roslyn from Taree NSW


I am using the ID mate in my daily living and so happy with identifying food items, clothing and which sheets I am putting on the bed.  Noela from Aspley QLD.


The ID mate is delightful. The awareness of identifying items when shopping and around the home offers me greater independence and eases frustrations.  David from Croydon Victoria


The ID mate helps us greatly in our shopping, studies and our day to day living and activities.   
Carolyn from Chaham NSW


It is a handy aid for me and my young family.   Mary from Kelso Queensland


I can assure you that it certainly helps me to be able to do all my medications by myself and it will be a great help in the house. I can now read details that are marked on products in the house as well as being a big help in the garage.   Maurice from Niddrie Victoria


I had some trouble identifying cans and some packets. A lot of goods I easily work out but cans are particularly difficult. For example, tomatoes and soup are the same size tin. So, prior to receiving the ID mate, if I wanted to buy both at the same time, I had to buy bulk soup for example and then next week buy bulk tomatoes. Another great use of this device is to identify frozen foods and their expiry dates. I can now buy different types of meats, label them and find them again.
Ian from North Perth WA  


Both myself and my girlfriend are very happy, along with my parents and surrounding family. This machine gives me much more independence whilst shopping at Coles and affiliated partners.  
Scott from Bombala NSW


Thank you Austalian Lions Visual Independence and Coles for making the ID mate available to me.
Justine from Cooloongup WA


I would like to thank Coles for their support and Insignia also. I and my husband will certainly be shopping at Coles in Victor Harbour now.   Margaret from Port Elliot in SA


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