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Blind Users who have Internet friendly speech synthesizer software such as JAWS or the free NVDA software can tab to the desired folder and push enter.  

We aim to bring happiness to the blind and low visioned through the use of assistive/adaptive technology.


Providing talking barcode readers to give a much appreciated measure of independence and freedom to people who are blind and vision impaired.


Easily held in the hand, the Barcode reader speaks to the operator, and describes the item identified by its code.   

The ID Mate Galaxy is used for identifying groceries, clothing, medicines and music. It can be used for appliances, instructions and memos.... read more


This technology is sometimes beyond the reach of those who need it the most, so Lions have undetraken to reach as many people as possible, in availability and in funding.


Join us in supporting and encouraging those who can benefit from this these products.


We are a Lions Club Foundation who are committed to empowering Australians living with blindness and low vision through assistive technology. We are governed by an executive team of Lions and supported by a technical advisory committee.



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