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In Australia there are some 380,000 legally blind residents. The Australian Bureau of Statistics say that this will grow to 421,000 in the next 15 years. 

Of these, there are at least an estimated 5,000 low income Australians who are unable to identify items without assistance beyond that of a portable magnifying device. We need your support to provide low income Australians with the technology to identify items for themselves.

Something sighted people take for granted!

Minimal funding is available in some States of Australia. However these are often difficult, restricted or seasonal.


You can Sponsor a Person with Low Vision or Blindness with a talking bar code Scanner

Would you be willing and able to assist one of these individuals to independently be able to identify their own clothes, food, music and other items?

A contribution of $1750.00 will guarantee that a talking bar code scanner is delivered to a low income Australian in need of one.

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Corporate Sponsors

We invite you to propose a method of assisting this community feel-good project.  

Contributions can be in many forms. We are open to discussion on how you might best assist.

Formal recognition can be provided through our web site as well as through welcome message recognition, company presentations, success pictures and stories for your community involvement promotion.

We are open to negotiations with a principal sponsor.

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ALVIF has tax deductability status !


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