Australian Lions Visual Independence Foundation is proud to formally recognise the generous support given by the following: 

All generous Australians

There are many who remain unnamed who support this project with heart, mind and soul. For their thoughtfulness and kindness, for their compassion, and generosity, we at Australian Lions Visual Independence, thank each and every one of you! 


GS1 Australia

Without, the generous assistance with providing the Australian bar code database free of charge, we would not have been able to develop the technology to its present state. GS1 Australia continues to provide and enhance bar code data. A huge thank you from all the future users of this talking bar code scanner. You have helped make a dream true reality!


Vision Australia

We appreciate the corporate support, product endorsement and ongoing client involvement of Vision Australia who provide key blindness and low vision services to the entire eastern seaboard and Northern Territory of Australia.


Guide Dogs

The ongoing involvement with us, product endorsement and ongoing client support is gratefully acknowledged.



The RACV has donated $10,000 to the Foundation, for the provision of more ID Mates

Receiving the Grant at the RACV Awards Ceremony    


Bridie Boyle

We are so pleased that Bridie worked with us to launch our promotional DVD for the IDmate sponsorship program.  Bridie, you did a marvellous job and well above the call of duty.  Thank you so very much.  



A huge thank you to Insignia for the wonderful contribution of free sticky bar code labels for Australian users of the ID mate. This is a major ongoing contribution directly benefiting users of the talking bar code scanner.  insignia can be proud of this assistance, which is a worldwide first for the blind and low vision ID Mate community.  


Blind Citizens Australia (BCA)

As the peak blind and low visioned representative body, we appreciate the support shown by BCA

A great asset to us.



We thank Coles as a sponsor of the ID Mate. Through the generosity of Coles, the original Visual Independence allocated 92 units to those in greatest need who could afford it least. A huge thank you to Coles for this wonderful support.


Thank you to the following sponsors that has donated $2000:















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